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My mission is to activate and coach Conscious Female Entrepreneurs and Creatives so that they can become light leaders in the world and create abundance, freedom, and richness in all area of their life and business.

I equip them with the mindset, strategy, and energy work they need in order to bring into reality their wildest dreams - dream clients, a full bank account, a widely successful business, more love - and have a good time doing it!

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients all over the world, in my previous two  businesses and with this business, teaching them how to leverage the power of their mind, actualize their vision into reality and boldly quantum leap into the next level in their life and business.

IMAGINE having the opportunity to

work with a mentor who...


Who is Clairvoyant, INTUITIVE, and has studied Universal Laws and Spirituality Since 20 years

Who knows all about Law of Attraction and has been working and studying Mind-Body-Soul Connection since 10 years

Who has built two business and worked in Corporate for 11 years knowing all about business, marketing, sales and human connections.

And who has the knowledge about HUMAN DESIGN and GENEKEYS so that we can create a business and life in ALIGNMENT with your UNIQUE ENERGETIC BLUEPRINT  (no burnout baby)

Are you ready to have more freedom, love, money, and satisfaction?



facts about me

  1. 1. I hit my first 15k month in my second month in business.

  2. I asked my husband to marry me; he took 6 months to give me the ring and say yes.

  3. 3. I am a disaster with ironing and it takes me like one hour for a shirt

  4. 4. I love plants; however, I am not very good at taking care of them

  5. I don’t like my accent in English and when I record a video I never listen to it.

  6. When I go shopping, I always have this amazing skill to find the most expensive thing in all the store.

7. I love makeup, styling, and fashion and I always do personal styling and make-up session for my girlfriends.

8. When I was a kid I dreamed to be a dancer and an actress, I played theater and ballet for many years.

9. I learned English by myself and I have never been in an English-speaking country in my life… well, the first time in London this January.

10. I am not good at math, but I am getting better with my own business

11. I love Prosecco 

How do you know if I can help you?

  • YOU have ALREADY a BUSINESS at least since 6 months and you have already worked with clients

  • You are a REBEL, a RULE BREAKER, you are DONE with the cookie cutters Business and Life Building

  • You are ready to elevate YOUR brand, YOUR business, YOUR leadership, and YOUR lifestyle.

  • You are ready to KNOW with every cell in your being that YOU ARE WORTHY of YOUR DESIRES AND DREAMS

  • You want to activate more of your soul gifts and become embodied in your power as a quantum creator

  • You desire to make MONEY being authentic and serving your clients with LOVE

  • You desire to have it all, being a Mother, being successful, being a wife and making money with your soul work.



Just imagine this was your life…

You wake up to multiple payment notifications from the most soul aligned people that will be wanting you to coach them. This fills you with energy and passion. Not to mention the limiting beliefs that you once has that held you back, no longer exist. Which leads you to becoming more in sync with your next level self.

This could easily lead to fame that gets to be defined by you. Having the ability to make a difference for people is the ultimate high.

Your version of fame could look like TV interviews or being a keynote speaker at international events. It could also look like, retiring your partner and family members. As well as having enough money to retire early and spend more time with your children.

Sounds pretty damn amazing, doesn’t it?


I want to help you become the best YOU that you can possibly be.

  • That means I want you to be true to yourself and stop hiding the ugly, embarrassing secrets that make you cringe. Because they make you unique and your uniqueness should be celebrated, not locked up in the attic like the crazy ex-wife.  

  • Your soulmate clients don’t need you to be perfect. You don’t need to be immaculately dressed and made-up. You don’t need to do Facebook Lives with a Louis Vuitton bag and Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses.

  • The more authentic you are in your messaging and the way you present yourself, the more it will resonate with your ideal clients.

  • It’s time to put the focus on what really matters in business: connecting with like-minded people in a genuine, soulful way.

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