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Hey there beauty, I am Elisa Canali

I’m a Success Catalyst, Energetic Biz Coach and Human Design Expert for visionary, heart-centred women who desire to up-level their impact and income infusing their soul into their business while creating a ripple effect on the planet.

My passion and purpose is to guide you to easily and gracefully create success in your life and business – not later but now!

If you’ve been trying to step into your power but you’re a bit lost in all the information you receive from your own mind, from various teachers, coaches and so-called experts, then you’re in the perfect place!

My super power is to radically dissolve your blocks right before your eyes and catalyse your ability to trust yourself, because your success can only come from that place inside you.

My clients experience deep shifts in both mind and body, as I shower them with the frequency of LOVE and EASE which are my divine gifts. 

Let me guide you to this frequency!

I guarantee you that after a session with me, you will feel clearer and lighter – and more importantly, you will be filled with the passion and vitality that are key to manifesting your success.

My work is unique because I infuse the powerful Knowledge of Human Design and GeneKeys into your business to create sustainable success.


When you live in true alignment, your genius awakens naturally and you experience flow and ease and clarity.

It all starts from YOU … but that doesn’t mean you need to do it all on your own!

My greatest passion is to support you and show you how you can create an incredibly JOYFUL business (and life) by combining your intuition with aligned action.

If you’re tired of cookie-cutter approaches and you want to work with a mentor who really SEES you and lovingly leads you to become who you really are, let’s talk!



There is my promises to YOU

I am not gonna sell you the typical online story of six figures in six months

I am going to work with you in BUILDING your LEGACY, in CREATING strong foundations and rise from there all in Alignment with your SOUL.

What if you could have more ease, flow, fun and pleasure in your life?

What if you could create more money without working harder?


I help you tap into your own Energetic Blueprint and your Energetic Signature Brand so that you can finally fully own your MISSION and YOUR OWN AUTHENTIC VOICE and MAGNETIZE DREAM CLIENTS.


Create magic together !





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Success Stories


I started attracting new 1:1 clients and launched two courses

When I contacted Elisa I felt I was ready for the next level in my business and to speed up the process I was looking for support.

Knowing Elisa as a spiritual business mentor I felt she could give me what I needed. Over the course of four months we worked intensively together.

As soon as we got started I felt that I was going through a huge transformation. First I had to deal with some topics that needed healing and after that, a huge power inside me was unleashed.

Elisa helped me to improve my energy work and work through insecurities and doubts I had.

It gave me an enormous drive to show up and be the coach I was born to be.

I started attracting new 1:1 clients and launched two courses!

I have learned amazing new skills in marketing and strategy as well as in working my energy and my magic.

After four months, I definitely feel I reached a whole new level in myself and my business and I feel confident to move on up from here! She is an amazing, powerful mentor that will leave at the next level guaranteed.

Rianne van Tuijl - Life & Business Coach


I started receiving like my wildest dreams

In the 6 months I have worked with Elisa, I was able to discover and release a false belief that I had about myself that has been holding me back for many years. I didn't even know that I held so much shame about something that wasn't even mine to carry.

She always knew exactly the right questions to ask and I felt so safe and protected in her loving presence

And while doing all the inner work, I am receiving like CRAZY! Nudges, ideas, opportunities and Money.

I created more money then ever before singing, speaking at events or just manifesting money from unexpected sources.

It is amazing how every aspect of my life and career is affected by this work.

Elisa is my SOULMATE Mentor.

Reilly Scott - Soulful Musician, Keynote Speaker