Elisa is possibly the most fascinating, inspirational & authentic superwoman I have ever met. Our August VIP day in the magic vibe of Barcelona has remained engrained in my heart as a completely mind blowing and unforgettable experience. The level of expertise, sensibility, drive and attention with which she delivers the magic of manifesting in its purest form is simply brilliant. The intensive VIP experience has fired me up to transform my business and finally aligned with my true passion and purpose. What she did for me is what I will do for other women: She brought me back to myself.

Kat Malickay- Relationship Coach & Love Architect

JulIA uncover a block that was holding her back years and sign HER first HIGH-END COACHING Client



I discovered my purpose

Elisa Canali, is one of the most authentic and beautiful souls I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She has helped me discover my purpose, with presence and grace. She has given me a clear and concise program. To help me move forward with my business plan. Her intuition is spot on, and her focus and drive is contagious. I am so thankful to have her I my life, she can really make magic happen.
— Charlotte Randle Life Coach for Mother's


I would like to share with everybody how I am grateful to have elisa as my personal coach. We start few weeks ago to work together and I’ve already felt good vibes and a lots of good energy and changes in my way of approaching life.

With her, I feel more confident. She still has good ideas to share and professional suggestions to improve your profile. I recommend her without any doubts; thank you Elisa.
— Christelle Cristiano International sales / Area Manager


I take coaching session with Elisa and I can only recommend her services.
What I love most about her approach is how quickly she understands your personality, your fears and the context you work in.

From the 1st session she was able to concretely guide me on issues I was facing and help me understand the best way to handle it.
There is a great connection and her coaching not only brings me actionable advice but also a considerable motivation. It is a true force to help me persevere in my endeavours. I highly recommend her as a coach.
— Julie Business owner (Fashion)
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I uncover my money blocks and Manifest 4k $

I was able to discover and release a false belief that I had about myself that has been holding me back for many years.
The initial purpose for our meeting was to assist me in my core beliefs about money so that I might improve my financial situation.
I didn’t realize that we would go so deep and that this conversation would end up being more about my core wounds and tools to heal those, because really, those effect everything, including my finances. It was truly transformative for me

. You knew exactly the right questions to ask and I felt so safe and protected in your loving presence. I am so looking forward to our next conversation and I know that I am already on a life changing path.
— REILLY Singer and Lightworker Check her album here: https://www.reillyscottmusic.ca/music
Elisa is my magic wand to make my dreams come true. While working with her I was able to find my dream job, doubled my salary, while working on my health.
I highly recommend her 200%.
— Isabel
Working with Elisa is a very powerful step! She can help you to understand what you really want to express yourself and she can catch your passion and beliefs, while creating
— Alessandra Zappaterra. Travel Blogger between Milan & HK
During all the time that I have been working with Elisa as my Manager, I have discovered that she is able to show you where do you want to go and how do you want to do it. She has this magical sensibility to let you shine in the same time that you are learning by doing
— Maria Magdalena. Junior HR