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VIP Days


Are you ready to make QUANTUM leaps in your life and business?

Are you done with holding yourself back and not showing up in all your power and brilliance?

Do you feel you are in a stagnant period in your business and don’t know how to create and sustain 10k+ months? Are you sick of comparing yourself to others? The constant overwhelmed, anxiety, self-doubt and procrastination? Do you feel ready to create the breakthrough you were waiting for?

Most people live their life without takings risks or making decisions that will change their destiny. Their future is predictable because they lack intention and commitment. We call this a default future.

These people do not embrace change. You could visit them 10 years from now and they’d still live in the same house, have the same job and be in the same relationship.

I know YOU ARE HERE because;

you are READY for the BIG LEAP,

YOU CRAVE TO fully embody your Feminine Leadership


You are ready TO BE YOU UNAPOLOGETICALLY and to WORK only with dreams clients.


 Your success does not come from what you DO and Strategies….it’s based on YOUR ENERGY.

Here is what I know to be true:

You can literally create everything you desire, but you have to learn how to leverage the power of your mind, make a business partnership with the universe and have a mentor, like me, in your corner who is able to take you to the next level in your life and business.

You have to show up, make your success non-negotiable and be ready to dive deep into your subconscious beliefs.

During our time together we will dive deep into BOTH your internal reality and your external biz strategy so you can create RESULTS in your life and business.


A VIP Day with me is nothing you have ever experienced

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In just one day, we will work on your limiting beliefs and remove them through EFT, Meditation and Energy Work,

We will become crystal clear on your unique genius using the Human Design and Gene Keys

We will develop a simple business strategy that feels in alignment and brings you more revenue

We will meet in Luxury Location in Barcelona or Paris OR we will meet for an amazing virtual intensive.

Our day will be filled of laughs, breakthroughs, some tears and you will walk away as a new woman. 

 Who is this VIP experience for?

This is for the soulful, service-based entrepreneur or coach who are ready to bring their vision into the world in a massive way.

If you are into Spirituality, Law of Attraction, Energy work and are ready to co-create your reality with the Universe... If you are ready to lead from your heart and soul and are ready to embrace all of you (your light and your shadow)

If you are ready to take massive action to manifest your dreams...
If you know you are ready to embody your leadership and get visible AF…
If you have already worked with clients and want to bring things to the next level…

This is the perfect fit for you.



I always ask to my clients to tell me about their dreams. And then I help them to dream bigger than they have ever imagined. Then, I help them to create that dream in their life. My divine gift is to guide you to achieve WEALTH, HEALTH, and LOVE with ease and grace. As in a magical dance of life.

It is possible to re-write the future from the present moment. It is possible to be an exception. It is possible to create abundance from your uniqueness and your gifts.

“The past has no power over the present moment.”
-E. Tolle




More clients say… 

Intuitive Health and Self Love Coach I shifted completely my MINDSET around MONEY AND SERVICE
— Victoria Peel-Yates
A true transformative Experience that skyrocket my success!!
— -Julia Melville