My signature program is composed of 8 pillars


1- Clarity

I  bet you know what you don’t want... but do you really know what deep down you desire?

When you do not know what you want, others will manage your life for you and you will constantly feel this sensation of not going in any direction.

Our first step will be to become crystal clear on what YOU WANT, not what you think you need or what others think.

We will be specific and concrete

2- Focus

Your energy goes where we put our focus.

You have to consciously decide to change your focus.

The focus you give to your life is what is going to determine the quality of your emotions = your life experience.

3- Language

Your language shapes your reality.

I have an unique gift of perceiving behind your voice and your language, and I can tell you where you are holding yourself back.

Every word that you use, it will transform into an input that you are giving to your mind, and your mind will go to find the evidence of this word in your reality.

We will go very deep into your language: how do you speak to yourself (inner dialogue) and how do you speak with others.


4- Mindset aka Conscious Creation

I bet you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction before. It is something I’ve been using for 15 years myself.

We are literally manifesting all the time, but most of the time we are doing it without intention.

It's quantum physics (I know that sounds boring but it's actually the coolest experience you will ever learn).


We are looking at life through the filters of our parents, family, school teachers.

What if this is not serving you? What if there is another way?

We will work on re-programming your subconscious mind so that you will become an active creator of your reality. So that finally you will learn how to “manifest” your reality on purpose.

When you start raising your frequency and vibration, you can effortlessly attract anything you desire (like how I attracted the 5-figures months, run two successful business, and other incredible synchronicities

We will peel back the layers and tap into your authentic truth.

I will be not buy you BS and with my unique mixture of love and badass encouragement I will help  you to show up and start living your best life

So that you can finally claim your birth right to be happy, healthy and expressing your true gifts fully.

5- Love vs Fear

This is not something a lot of coaches teach but as a holistic coach, I believe that you must make decisions from a place of love, not fear.

We will tune into what really means living from your conscious love and how to stop letting the fear running the show of your life. You will learn what the difference is between the Ego and the Conscious/Presence and how they can affect your life and every day decisions.

6- Body - how to honor yourself

It is paramount to love yourself as it affects every decision you make and everything you do in life.

We will work on the blocks and the fear stuck in your body, to release them with different tools.

You will learn how you can truly honor yourself through regular meditation, eating the right food, getting exercise and treating yourself to spa days!

After all, doesn’t a massage always make you feel better and more in alignment with yourself?

7- Business Strategy

I bet you are tired of the cookie-cutters approaches that seem to work for everybody else?

It’s time to drop the struggle.

It’s time to charge what you really deserve.


I will teach you how to create abundance, enrolled high-paying clients, be highly profitable with your gifts and unique voice.

I will show you how to create soulful relationship and work only with clients you LOVE.

You will learn how to magnetize your ideal clients for BEING MORE YOU.

8- Branding


You do not need to imitate anyone else.

Are you spending all the time on Social Media, comparing yourself with what others are doing? Are you struggling to find your unique message?

Are you listening to all the outside noise feeling frustrated and empty?

We will create your unique alchemy and mastery so that you can be YOU and feel completely aligned with your message and purpose. It’s that sparkle  you get from an heartfelt and a great brand personality.

We will work together on everything surrounding your branding from your pictures, your Instagram feed, your Facebook page or group and your website.



My program is highly - exclusive and by invitation/ referral only

Work with me if:

  • You're ready to create your best life
  • You are ready to create and build your own strategy
  • You're ready to shine and claim your birthright to be happy and wealthy and healthy
  • You are tired of hustling so much in your life or biz
  • You know you don't need any more information, you are ready to become your own guru
  • You realize you need external insight (from someone who gets it) to move you forward
  • You're ready to invest in yourself
  • You are a motivated entrepreneur, coach or artist already

This is not for you if:


  • You don't care about fulfilling your dreams
  • You are not ready to do the deep inner work
  • You expect a coach or mentor to do all the work for you
  • You don’t show up for yourself and think you are a victim of life
  • You want to keep pushing the system you've been using, even if it hasn't been working for you
  • You are not willing to invest in yourself

My coaching is not for everyone.

My coaching requires passion and commitment.


Let’s get into practical details!


→ Which will help you make more money in your business

→ Walk away with your irresistible High-Ticket Coaching Package that will help you book ideal clients with ease

→ Create a yearly, quarterly, and monthly action plans to keep you accountable and on track to achieving the goals you set for yourself (which we will review on our weekly 1:1 coaching calls)

→ You will feel confident saying NO to the things you do not want and YES to ALL the things you do want.

→ The intensive will be recorded so that you are able to refer back to it at any time.

→ You’ll have custom, daily journal prompts, exercises, and meditations to support you in your transformation.

60 MINUTE PRIVATE COACHING CALLS (3 per month + week implementation)
So that you get personal, custom support for your unique business so that you make more money, attract more clients, and have more freedom than ever before. Work less, Enjoy More!

So that you can get personal feedback on your offers, your services, and any problems that arise within 24 hours so that you never get stuck.


Such as books, meditations, and custom tapping exercises that will support you through the highs and lows being a boss.


So that you maintain an abundance mindset, feel great about receiving, and are able to manifest success easily. (I just added this you can change it so it sounds like you and covers what you are going to do during the chakra energy healing sessions)

For daily community support, motivation, and Live Q&A so that you’re never alone on this journey again. Plus develop life-long friendships from people who get what you’re going through.

To help you develop awareness around what’s working and what’s not. Where your energy is at each day and how to shift it when needed. PLUS help to manifest anything and everything you want in your business and your life.

To provide step-by-step guidance for anything “techy”, anything “how to”, or anything that requires instructions so that you can get it down without overwhelm, easily, and efficiently the first time!


This program is highly exclusive and by application only.

It is completely tailor made based on your needs and desires.

Book a Call here to see if we are a good fit to work together.


Your life doesn't change because you wish it would; your life changes when you make the decision!


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Part of my profits will be given to Shalom Women's Development Initiative Agency, SWODIA.