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Are you ready to up level your impact and income in your online business?

You’re a multi-passionate woman establishing yourself as CEO in your online business.

You are amazing for joining the entrepreneur journey- it’s not for the faint hearted!

You’ve made some sales in your business, but it’s not enough to do this full time and ditch your 9-5 or part time gig.

Let’s be real you’re exhausted trying to keep your head above water.

You’ve built your website on your own or had a family friend help you and it shows.

It’s okay, we’ve all been there at some point, but next-level you needs a next-level look.

You’ve met some incredible women online, but are ready to grow your tribe, make money, and change lives.

Freebie overload happened months ago and you’re tired of the fluffy marketing tactics; something’s got to give.

You’re ready to get the professional help you need to take your mentality, branding, sales, and business to the next level.

The consistent five figure months people keep talking about are real and are within your reach.

They are the result of mindset work and strategy to connect with your people and transform their lives.

To make this shift in your business will require a new approach that fuses energy + processes.

Bridging the feminine and masculine into your business so you can feel balanced and whole.

You may be new to these concepts and are just starting to dip your toes into spirituality, but we can assure you that the techniques you’ll learn will have long lasting impact in your business, like it has on ours.

We are two women with experience of starting our own businesses, who know the struggles of launching an online business, not knowing where to start, and what you need to make your business thrive. 

We’ve teamed up to share our experiences, our knowledge and skills so you can feel aligned to your desires and know what you need to do to achieve them.

Meet the dynamic duo to guide you to the income and impact you’ve been craving.


I’m Elisa

An intuitive mentor and success catalyst for Coaches, Entrepreneurs, and Artists.

My passion and purpose is to guide you to quickly and effortlessly create success in your life and business today – because your dream life should start today, not tomorrow or next week.

If you’ve been trying to step into your power, but you’re suffering from information overload (from your mind, from teachers, coaches, and so-called gurus), then you’re in the right place!

I’ve been there myself! Not that long ago, I was putting so much pressure on myself to “up-level” and I was not getting the results I wanted – the results I KNEW I was meant for.

When I just started out, I kept things simple. I built my coaching business without any of the techy stuff. I didn’t have any sophisticated funnels, fancy ads, automation or even so much as an email list. Yes, really. Because believe it or not, they are not essential and certainly not what you need at the beginning of your journey.

Instead, I worked on healing myself first because I know that long-lasting success comes from a healed soul and life. This should be the foundation that you build your business on.

I’m Kelsey

A business coach and brand strategist for spiritually minded and socially driven entrepreneurs.

My speciality is working with women entrepreneurs in discovering their unique juicy essence, guiding them to a successful business and creating powerful personal brands and websites that speak the language of their ideal clients so they can get paid for the transformation they provide.

When I first launched my business, I invested over 7k in a 1:1 coach who left me more confused than ever about what I needed to do to grow a business I love.  It wasn’t until I aligned with my deepest desires, show up as my unapologetic self that I had my first ever five figure month!


Together, we are two women who are deeply committed to seeing and amplifying your greatness – to help you explode your awesomeness and create an abundant life through the Law of Attraction, paired with actual processes and structures for aligned action. The perfect balance of the masculine and feminine.

 We will teach you how connecting with your spirituality and whatever that means for you, can help you up-level your mental awareness to prepare you for your own success. 

We will show you the hard skills needed to back that success up.

And teach you how to blend the passions that led you to start an online business and supplement them with sales, branding, and marketing training to strengthen your mental clarity to take you to the next level.

This program isn’t for everyone, but if you’re willing to put in the work, truly connect to yourself and learn the skills that we’re prepared to teach you, you will see success in your business. 

Pinky Promise. We’ve got your back.


A 8 week group program to up level your mindset, tap into your unique selling points and magnetize your dream clients.

This group mastermind is a fusion of 1:1 coaching, soulful trainings, tech tutorials and sisterhood support. The program is a high-touch program, meaning that we’re diving deep into your business with customized feedback on how to boost your confidence with a benevolent brand and tap into the power of manifestation to sell high tickets with ease.
It includes many tools to transform your life:



Each week we will break down the topics so you can learn the strategies and get clear on what you need to focus on to get the results you’ve been dreaming of.



This time is for us to answer any of your questions about the topics, share your experiences and support each other as a tribe.



These sessions are where you can get my direct feedback on mindset, sales, and law of attraction.



These sessions are where you can get my direct feedback on your brand and website. This can be big picture discussions, content and tech support.



She will become your partner in crime. With weekly check-ins on progress and social media visibility, she's going to be your new biz bestie! 



Everyone in the group will get to have a practice sales call where we will provide detailed feedback on what’s working well and what can be improved upon. 



Everyone in the group will have the opportunity to share their brand content, client resources, ask for feedback in the group and receive support from Elisa and Kelsey. 



These prompts will uncover the limiting beliefs your ego has been telling you, find your passions and create a life you love. 

And…a Private Facebook Group! This private group is where we will house all of the content and a safe place to connect and share your questions, comments, and anything that you feel like you need support on.

This high touch experiencE is only $750

Two MONTH PAYMENT PLAN for $400 per month

BI WEEKLY PAYMENT PLAN for $205 per week


Let’s break it down week by week.


Intuitive Reading: Uncover your limiting beliefs

We will do a psychic intuitive reading of your energy to determine what’s holding you back. We’ll include lessons on different modalities like meditations, journaling, and tapping exercises to help you energetically.


Brand and Website Audit: Does it magnetize the right people?

Using the Brand and Website Audit Checklist that Kelsey uses with her VIP clients, we will assess what is and what isn’t working with your brand and website to create a customized action plan to make it shine.


Human Design: Develop the energetic strategy unique to your business and energy:
Find your unique strategy based on your energy and Human Design profile. This will help you build a strategy to book out your offers in an intuitive way that is sustainable and supports your growth.


Brand Messaging: Make them care who you are

Kelsey will teach you how to discover your brand voice and the language your dream clients are using to describe their pain points, challenges and frustrations. You will have a brand dictionary ready to speak to your clients deep desires.


Money Mindset: Get your mind ready for consistent five figures

We will explore the blockages and fears that are holding you back from creating financial abundance. We will re-write your money story so that you’re ready to receive massively.


Soulful Sales Calls: How to conduct a sales call to close

Learn how to show up powerfully in your sales conversation, hold a safe container for support, and close sales calls with ease and grace.


Content that Connects: How to show up authentically to connect with your soulmate clients

Learn how to show up authentically using your brand language, and building a process that feels good. Create content from your soul and intuition. Learn about the different types of content, how to get inspired to create copy and be consistent with showing up on social media.


Empowerment & Confidence: Step into your leadership role

Learn how to own your zone of genius and your leadership, show up on social media from an energy of empowerment, and finally feel confident about being an expert and the CEO of your business.
Map out your 2019 soulful sales strategy.

Safe assured, you’re not just another person in this program, we will take you under our wings, learn about you and your business on an intimate level so you can achieve financial abundance.

Our top priority is for you to make sales before the program is over.

We’ve created this group program to change your whole life and unlock the inner badass that you already are.

It’s time to set her free and let her soar!

Spots are limited to just 15 Women.

November 5th - January 11th

But what results can I expect from this mastermind?

After working with us, you can expect a profound transformation of your business, your life and your mindset.

At the end of the 8 weeks, this will be your new reality:

You’ll have a simple but effective business plan that maps out how to take your business to even greater heights with actionable steps.

Your systems are finally set up to actually support your growth aka your website will be ready to collect sales instead of dust bunnies. 

You have a brand that is a true reflection of the limitless version of yourself and speaks directly to your clients.

You know the art of selling like a badass and are in love with selling so it doesn’t feel sleazy or out of alignment.

You use soul-centered marketing in your business to ensure you stay in flow with the universe.

You have a process to how you onboard clients and create an experience that turns them into die-hard fans who can’t stop talking about your work together. 

You implement manifestation techniques into your daily life to up-level your business like never before.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?


Reilly | Singer & Lightworker

 It felt life-changing. With Elisa’s guidance, I was able to discover and release a false belief that I had about myself that has been holding me back for many years. I didn't even know that I kept so much shame about something that wasn't even mine to carry. The initial purpose of our meeting was to assist me in my core beliefs about money so that I might improve my financial situation.

I didn't realize that we would go so deep and that this conversation would end up being more about my core wounds and tools to heal those, because really, that affects everything, including my finances. It was indeed transformative for me, and I feel so grateful to have had this awakening.

Elisa knew exactly the right questions to ask, and I felt so safe and protected in her loving presence. It's as if she already knew me so well even though it was our first conversation together. I am so looking forward to our next session, and I know that I am already on a life-changing path just from what we worked on today. Thank you also for being so patient with me in deciding to work with you, as it is scary to make those big decisions for myself.


After hiring a coach who didn't bring her the desired results, she took a big leap of faith and signed with Elisa. 

After our fantastic intensive day, she releases some big fears and shame that was holding her back to step into her real potential and now she signed her first high-end clients, already.

Julia | Intuitive Life & Business Coach


Although I had decided where to focus my energy and was finally sure about my business direction, I doubted myself in a big way and had major imposter syndrome. I knew deep down I had the knowledge and skills to do well as an entrepreneur, but what I really needed was the advice, guidance, support and accountability that a coach offers.

Kelsey is simply amazing. After a series of extremely effective and enjoyable sessions, I can say that it has resolved a lot of the confidence issues I was having and provided me with new knowledge, clarity and motivation to make major moves in getting my business off the ground. Kelsey provides a special combination of helping you overcome mindset and confidence blocks, while focusing on the exact business strategies that you need.

Kelsey is extremely talented, knowledgeable and professional while at the same time personable, empathetic and calm. I think this is a very special and rare combination of qualities and really what makes her so unique and successful as a coach. I really felt listened to and all of my concerns were addressed and resolved. I came away from each session wishing the time hadn’t gone so fast and full of fresh energy and motivation.

My business is ready to launch much earlier than expected, thanks to Kelsey’s expert guidance. The end result is that I have a beautiful website ready to launch, as well as a clear, exciting strategy to take my business forward. I feel confident and motivated and can’t wait to get my business out there. This is definitely all down to working with Kelsey. I would love to work with Kelsey again in the future. She provides a truly exceptional, valuable service and her positive energy and talents make her an exceptional coach.

Rachel Sakhi

I am forever grateful for our experience working together and love to share reviews from happy clients! It is not required but greatly appreciated. Kelsey is truly gifted! Her vision was crystal clear even when I couldn't describe what I was thinking. She went above and beyond to build me a soulful spirited website with a clear vision. I am so grateful!

Joy Arnold


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