The more you fall in love with who you are - The more Life will fall in love with you


It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and step into the greatest version of you and finally ENJOY the LIFE, LOVE, and BUSINESS that so far you have only been able to dream of.


It's my mission in this world to support Miracle-Workers (coaches, healers, light workers, mentors) and Visionaries (artists, creatives, leaders) to get back in touch with their TRUE POWER and change the WORLD by changing THEMSELVES. 

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Let me show you the power of working WITH somebody to create momentum in your life and business… cause let’s be honest, it takes forever to figure this out on your own (and you would have already done it.).


If you are not already living the life that you truly want, and if you don't have already the coaching, healing, light working and creative business you TRULY want, the lifestyle you truly desire or leading others in the way you know you’re capable of; YOU NEED SUPPORT TO GET THERE!


The World needs YOU and needs YOUR unique gifts!


With the mind/body/soul work we will tap into the most powerful version of yourself




Working with Me, you will master how to:

  • Enter into ALIGNMENT and Create your GOALS from you HEART and SOUL so that you will never burn out (again) in your life and biz

  • Get back in touch with your TRUE POWER and MISSION and CHANGE THE WORLD by changing YOU

  • Use your intuition in your life and business (and having at your side a mentor who uses her intuition to guide you)

  • Set your vision and then take the actions that scare you, knowing those will change your mental patterns

  • Fill your 1:1 or group programs with absolutely SOULMATE CLIENTS who have amazing results working with YOU (the best marketing strategy) 

  • Set strong and loving boundaries and standards in your life and business so that you can live a true FREEDOM and respect YOU and YOUR SOUL DESIRES

  • Unleash the true power of your mind to create a mindset that supports you, instead of listening to limiting thoughts that have been keeping you playing small and “safe”.

  • Create a unique strategy just as unique as you are, a strategy that works for YOU.

  • We won’t follow the rules or do what is “supposed” to be done within the industry because this will not flow naturally with who YOU are





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What my clients say about working with me:

“I take coaching session with Elisa and i can only recommend her services.
What i love most about her approach is how quickly she understands your personality, your fears and the context you work in. From the 1st session she was able to concretely guide me on issues i was facing and help me understand the best way to handle it.

There is a great connection and her coaching not only brings me actionable advice but also a considerable motivation. It is a true force to help me persevere in my endeavours. I highly recommend her as a Coach.”
— Julie Business owner (Fashion)
“Thank you so much for our time together today. It really felt life changing. With your guidance, I was able to discover and release a false belief that I had about myself that has been holding me back for many years. I didn’t even know that I held so much shame about something that wasn’t even mine to carry. The initial purpose for our meeting was to assist me in my core beliefs about money so that I might improve my financial situation. I didn’t realize that we would go so deep and that this conversation would end up being more about my core wounds and tools to heal those, because really, those effect everything, including my finances. It was truly transformative for me and I feel so grateful to have had this awakening.

You knew exactly the right questions to ask and I felt so safe and protected in your loving presence. It’s as if you already knew me so well even though it was our first conversation together. I am so looking forward to our next conversation and I know that I am already on a life changing path simply from what we worked through today. Thank you also for being so patient with me in making the decision to work with you, as it is scary to make those big decisions for myself.”
Sending all my love,
— Reilly Singer and Lightworker Check her album here:
“Elisa has accompanied me in making a very important step forward in my career.
I had two important job interviews planned and Elisa helped me prepare by simulating them and giving me detailed feedback. She gave me the strategy to best “sell” myself, helping me focus on which were the skills that I had to leverage while pitching for the two positions I applied for. She supported me through the negotiation process for the two job offers I eventually received. As yes, I got both offers!

At this point, thanks to her coaching skills, she guided me in choosing the job which really suited my professional goals as well as my personal priorities. We worked on finding a balance between my inner desires and my rational approach to my career. We defined which are my natural abilities and talents which empowered me to take a choice that is more suited to my potential.

Working with Elisa has been a very inspiring and an extremely effective “journey”, learning how to perform better during interviews as well as to better understand my professional strengths and personal needs.”

— Alice Corinaldi Program & Engagement Manager Global Compact Network Italy



If you are fully committed to the program and do the work, a positive change is inevitable. Everyone I have worked with has reported that working on their limiting beliefs, gaining clarity, focus and raising their vibration has resulted in profound results in their life and in their business! So, are you ready to transform and up-level your life and your business?

Step into your power and live in the now! Together, we can make extraordinary things happen.

Your only limit is your imagination!


We can discuss the best option for you on your first call.


Yes! I work with many types of people. Artists, Services Based Entrepreneurs, energy workers, creatives.


Being closer to your work has helped me a lot, remembering how strong, loving and courageous we really are. Thank you for being a great person, and for letting your light shine so bright that it helps to light the light of others!
Thank you for working to make the world better. Love you
Elisa Canali, is one of the most authentic and beautiful souls I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She has helped me discover my purpose, with presence and grace. She has given me a clear and concise program. To help me move forward with my business plan. Her intuition is spot on, and her focus and drive is contagious.

I am so thankful to have her I my life, she can really make magic happen.
— Charlotte Randle Life Coach for Mother's
I’m very grateful for the time she took to help me. This coaching was really rewarding thanks to the professionalism of Elisa. She knows how to listen and find the right words to move us forward and become aware of what is good. I recommend her coaching at 100% Elisa, thank you for giving me the help I needed at this moment !!
— CEO & Co-founder