Master your ENERGY, master your LIFE feat. Sharon Kirstin


“Master Your Energy, Master Your Life” is the magnetizing message of the bestselling author Sharon Kirstin. Her specialty is to help creatives, change-makers, and visionaries break out of their jobs, find their purpose and follow their inner calling for more. 

Sharon was a career junkie once; she spent years building the Web and Mobile Innovations Department for Europe’s most successful e-commerce company that ranked #5 in The Wall Street Journal’s “Billion Dollar Startup Club” in 2014.

In search for answers, she experienced an out-of-body awakening in meditation in the Himalayas where she received the message, “You created this life. You can create differently.” Now she’s on a mission to share her innovative expertise on how you can transform your life and business from within.  

When you transform your inner world, your outer world changes. Sharon teaches you how to release unconscious barriers to your brilliance, start and grow your purposeful business, and step into full alignment with your best self.  This unlocks a state of flow where you align with limitless life force and your next level of fulfillment, abundance, and impact.

Through her work as an influential expert in the field of mindset, manifestation, and business, she has impacted the lives of thousands of people via her bestselling book The Answers Within (, one-on-one coaching (, and online courses such as Design Your Life, Self-Love Alchemy, and The Manifestation Map.

Elisa Canali is a Spiritual Success Coach, Energetic Biz Strategist and Human Design Expert.

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Elisa Canali