Fall in LOVE with your BODY feat. Kerin Briscese


Kerin is on a mission to help successful women LOVE themselves FIT + Build rock solid Self & Body Confidence.

Kerin Briscese, owner of Haute Fitness Health, helps busy professional women banish obsessive body bashing, emotional and binge eating for rock solid body and self confidence that translate into healthy loving relationships with quality men. 

Kerin specializes in teaching and designing customized nutrition + fitness + mindset practices that any woman can effortlessly implement  each and every day to finally experience permanent body bliss (even if she has struggled for years with yo-yo dieting or the on-off rollercoaster of dieting).  This is about forming a healthy relationship with food,  your body and finally feeling GOOD ENOUGH! 

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Elisa Canali is a Spiritual Success Coach, Energetic Biz Strategist and Human Design Expert.

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