How to Grow your Business with Ayurveda feat. Katelyn Annemarie

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Katelyn Annemarie infuses the science of Ayurveda into business coaching to support coaches and healers as they make more income and impact in the world.

We each have a natural path to success that we can align with. The symptoms of imbalance are what block you from reaching your goals. Ayurveda, the science of life, is a way to develop your mind and body to become a vessel capable of holding space for your greatest intentions.

Inside of her programs, she teaches her students to see through the eyes of Ayurveda as they develop strategies, systems, and invaluable skillsets, which allow them to serve their light at a higher level, scale their business to 6-figures and change the world around them by doing the work they LOVE.



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Elisa Canali is a Spiritual Success Coach, Energetic Biz Strategist and Human Design Expert.

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Elisa Canali