How to Speak Your Truth feat. Renee Reese

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Renee Reese created her first online business, a law firm for creatives and entrepreneurs, while sleeping on her friend’s couch, and replaced the income she received at her last job within a few months.  Although she found financial success and even began living her dream as a digital nomad, she found that her success wasn’t sustainable and she was building a business she didn’t find any joy in.  She ended up burnt out, broke, unfulfilled, and had a deep desire to build something that was both profitable sustainable, and aligned for her.

She took a risk, walked away from her thriving business to start coaching and speaking and it is her personal mission to teach as many people as possible just how powerful they are and equip them with practical tools for success.  She founded The Intuitive CEO and the Intuitive CEO membership to help entrepreneurs create sustainable success on their terms.

She speaks and teaches all around the world about success, mindset, and entrepreneurship and is recognized as a Top Success Speaker.  She is a dynamic in- demand speaker and audiences love her for her practical application and takeaways, transparency, and relatability.

She is a certified success coach,  NLP practitioner (the #1 mindset tool in the world), T.I.M.E. techniques practitioner (the leading technique for rapid transformation), and hypnotherapist.

In her free time she enjoys traveling, reading sci-fi novels, spending time with family, and practicing yoga. 

You can find infomation on her private membership - The Intuitive CEO here!

Elisa Canali is a Spiritual Success Coach, Energetic Biz Strategist and Human Design Expert.

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