How to use the POWER of YOUR STORY feat. Celinne Da Costa


Celinne Da Costa is an international Brand Story & Life Design Coach, published writer and master NLP practitioner. 

In 2016, she left her unfulfilling corporate advertising career in New York City to become the architect of her own life. This meant crafting a story that allowed her to infuse every day with meaningful moments of human connection, time for self-discovery, and opportunities to pursue her passions… all while seeing the world.

She spent a year sleeping in stranger’s homes as part of a social experiment on human kindness, and then built her online coaching business, in which she teaches her entrepreneurial clients to become confident, authentic, and courageous leaders who take control of their life and business narrative and brand themselves to success—on their own terms.

In this episode she shares with us how to use the power of your story to grow your business in alignment with your true self. 

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