How to embody your next level of LEADERSHIP feat. Ana Kinkela


Ana Kinkela is a women’s spiritual leadership coach, and she helps soulful, driven entrepreneurs to embody who they are BEcoming, so they expand in their leadership and business.

Ana started her career as a mental health therapist in 2009, where she helped others on their trauma healing journey’s. 

After 8 years of being a therapist, she found a deeper calling to work with women to help them uncover, live and lead from their True Selves through releasing stories from social, cultural, and familial conditioning, and I called it the work of unveiling their Wildness. 

This work quickly and naturally transitioned into working with entrepreneurs exclusively, since business success and expansion is all about unveiling, deeply trusting and taking action from YOUR unique energetic blueprint. 

The cornerstone of her work with women is about re-wiring unconscious patterns that keep them stuck in the same energetic space within their businesses by integrating the mind/body/soul, and guiding them into deep soulbodiment on a quantum level.

Elisa Canali is a Spiritual Success Coach, Energetic Biz Strategist and Human Design Expert.

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Elisa Canali