Discovered your chart but don’t

understand it?

Your chart can look incredibly confusing to start with! I am here to use my Human Design expertise to bring you to connect with yourself, understand your chart, who you are and what works best for you!

I offer 3 types of readings -

60 min Chart Reading

Within this reading you will discover your chart and your design type,, we will go into your profile, energy centres, strategy and authority.

90 min Business Chart Reading

During 2 sessions we will include everything within the 60 minute chart reading and then dive much deeper, this will also include looking at Gene Keys.

120 min Relationship Chart Reading

During this time I will read and look at 2 charts together and how the relationship can work best. This is ideal for any business or personal relationships.


See what others are saying…

Daphna image.png
Just had a rad gene keys session with Elisa...and whoa, it was so enlightening!
I feel like I can do anything.
She explained it perfectly - human design is the more strategic application of our energy, and gene keys is the soul or creative application of it to our business and life. She is truly a master of her craft - it was so deeply intuitive AND practical. I feel like I know exactly what I need to do.
Go check her out and do yourself (and the world) a favor and have your gene keys and human design charts read by her!
This is the work that will upgrade business to its true exalted expression in our world.
Thank you goregous Elisa!
Now excuse me as I step into my power even more
— Daphna Romanoff - Astrological Business Strategist
Eli did a human design reading for me and my business. I’d had a human design reading before, and I didn’t find it very helpful because it was a bit too abstract - there weren’t a lot of actionable steps.

However, after my reading with Eli, I received a TON of clarity around my unique energy, and how I can best use it to help my business grow and to encourage my own inner shine! She provided me with a lot of valuable insight and went into a lot of depth on how I can best use my energy to welcome in more abundance and joy.
Once we did the reading, I felt a HUGE energetic shift, and I really started showing up differently within myself and in my business. Eli not only understands human design really well, but she also has such beautiful and powerful intuitive abilities that really heighten and deepen the reading. If you’re thinking about working with Eli, I highly recommend it! She’s a loving and powerful leader that will help you rise into the next level!
— Ana Kinkela - Womans Spiritual Leadership Coach
Stephanie image.png
My experience in working with Eli for my human design and gene keys chart is nothing short of incredible.

I found Eli to be super intuitive when it came to explaining what my chart meant and how this could look in my life and business. I felt so much more aware of who I am as a person through hearing about my chart and I felt so much more connected to my business with a really good strategic way of how to move forward. I want to thank Eli so much for her support, I couldn’t be growing my business in the way that I am if it wasn’t for her knowledge in human design and gene keys.
— Stephanie Long - Nutrition Biz Coach
Working with Eli is life-changing every time. Her insight as an expert in Human Design has impacted my personal and professional life. She has helped me understand where I can better myself, and why certain things work well for me while others do not serve me.
She gave me permission to be more of myself each time we spoke and I left these sessions feeling liberated. As a business owner, another supportive piece in her work is how she teaches me to pursue my purpose in alignment with my energy. Understanding how to do this as a Projector was hard for me at first, and now it feels so simple and easy.
Taking any one of her courses is guaranteed to enlighten you to a new way of creating peace and success in your life, I hope that if you’re reading this you choose to work with this amazing woman, she will change your life!!
— Katelyn Anne Marie - Ayuveda Business Mentor
Katelyn image.png
Learning about my human design chart has opened up so many possibilities for me. Not only do I understand myself better, I also learned to accept my uniqueness and be more attentive to my needs - in both my daily life and my business. An eye opening and powerful experience for sure!
Elisa is such a diverse coach and she has so many skills it’s unreal! Our one-on-one coaching is so valuable. She’s helped me come up with a new business name, business title and she even knows how to pick the right colours for your brand! This woman is so talented I’m stoked.
— Sandra Wasserman - Soul Center Marketing Mentor
“Elisa was INCREDIBLE in my journey to get to know my higher self more.
I can’t even describe it, but what I can say is that...she is incredibly kind, knowledgeable and loving in the way she delivers her message is in the PERFECT way that it can relate to your life.
If you are getting a nudge to do the Academy...FOLLOW THE NUDGE!

Within the first full 10 days of me applying what I’m learning, I celebrated over $22,000 in sales and it just keeps coming, I promise you won’t regret it! I know, I DON’T!
— Ruthie Cease - Spiritual Holistic Money Coach
I booked a human design and gene keys reading with Elisa, and I am so glad that I did. I had a strong intuitive pull in Elisa’s direction plus some curiosity about my own human design. I knew that, as a projector, there was a lot for me to learn behind my unique design.
In my call with Elisa, I learned how my design type and strategy make my success a unique experience. The strategy part of the reading was particularly helpful because I learned that there was a way for me to be strategic with my inspired ideas without spending hours on funnels and technical work.
The gene keys part of the reading was super helpful too because I received new insight behind my mental illness experiences. I learned something crucial from my gene keys that will allow me to conquer one of my darkest personal shadows. In fact, this personal shadow was something that I hardly talk about with anyone, so having Elisa understand this experience felt so special. I felt so heard and seen and witnessed.
Elisa also has such a beautiful intuitive flow. She understands you. She makes you feel like a human with unlimited potential. Elisa channelled my energy and shared some incredible insight this way too as she was going over my design and gene keys.
As much as Elisa’s use of the human design/gene keys modalities is truly powerful, her natural gifts are something else entirely! She really FEELS you and allows you to have some space to integrate what she is saying to you. The messages she channels during her sessions are fiercely potent.
One phrase that Elisa said (which she clearly channelled from my own energy) gave me CHILLS due to the personal potency of that statement for me. I could feel that the message was not something to take lightly, and it has been this channeled wisdom that has helped me to integrate everything that I learned in my session with Elisa.
Overall, my ONE HOUR session with Elisa carried more value for me than I expected it would. Don’t get me wrong: I knew that I was in good hands with Elisa, but the experience far exceeded my expectations. I didn’t expect these types of life-changing shifts in only ONE SESSION. I can only imagine how much value Elisa brings to her bigger offerings and packages.
Elisa is such a loving, heart-centred woman. I am so grateful to have met her and even more grateful that I trusted my gut to book a call with her.
If you’re feeling drawn to Elisa, it’s for a reason.
Do yourself a favour and do not hesitate a moment longer. Hiring Elisa is such a power move for anyone who wants to start living a life and operating a business based on their unique design and strengths. She sees you and she uses her modalities to support her unique intuitive insight. The experience is so much more than just your “typical human design reading” because she brings her own heart and personalized insight into her work, leaving you feeling witnessed, supported, seen, and heard.
Thank you Elisa. I am still integrating and developing the skills that you have helped me with, and even still, I am experiencing a completely new business.
I no longer feel the need to over-extend myself or try succumbing to strategies that don’t feel good to me. I feel like I can trust myself at a whole new depth than ever before. Thanks so much Elisa.
— Quinn Downie Cirku - Intuitive Guide & Soul Success Coach
Elisa is a true manifestation of my own. I had stumbled upon human design last year and was fascinated by it but got caught up with life and put it on the back burner.

Recently I have been wanting to connect more with myself and I wanted to do a human design reading, well, during the same week I came across Elisa’s group rise by design. I could feel it in my body that this was meant for me. I followed along on different zoom calls she did and I have never came across someone who is so giving of her time and energy to help others. She is so dedicated to providing you with value and will ensure that you are satisfied and your goals are complete!
We recently had our first call where she did my entire human design reading. I was lit up afterwards knowing that this is who I am and I have someone in my life now that can help me accept and surrender and live a life of peace by learning how to embody my design. I really believe that people come into your life for a reason, and if you are sitting here wondering if you should pursue working with Elisa.. let me answer for you... YES! Because one of the unique things about her is.. because she is a human design specialist she will actually determine if you are the right match and if working together would serve you. This is something so special because her heart is truly on serving others even if that means letting you go and being referred to someone who can better assist you. It is always about the client and that is what I love about Elisa. She ensures that I am completely satisfied and have all questions answered. What a blessing I have manifested into my life!
— Jennifer Rambala - Health Educator & Counselor
After having a Human Design reading with Elisa, I feel so much more connected with who I really am, what helps me to understand myself better.

I also started to be more attentive to the way I feel in my life and business, which supports me in taking inspired action! Elisa helped me to become more clear about my key message and the way I communicate with my audience.
Thanks for implementing all valuable insights after our reading, I experience clarity, energy shift, and more flow while working in my business. In turn, I directly started to attract new clients for my 1:1 coaching programs within just a few days!
I am no more stressed, overwhelmed, and confused. Instead, there is progress, clarity, and joy in my life.

I highly recommend HD reading with Elisa! There are not so many experts that share their knowledge in such a practical way as Elisa does, so you can easily embody it and directly see results. She is THE LEADER OF THE FUTURE - with heart, and a strong belief in your uniqueness helping you to rise in your power <3
— Agnieszka Tasiulis-Dronkers - Life & Mindset Coach (ICF)
I loved our reading so much and you are an amazing human being, authentic and with a huge heart <3
Why I’m so eager to learn about Human Design is the fact that it’s unique to us and doesn’t teach us some bs fit for all strategies,
SO done with that! :D Thank you so much again, I can only highly recommend working with you!
— Ly Anuapu - Transformation Coach & Journey Practitioner
kerry image.png
I recently had a Gene Keys reading with Elisa and it blew me away.

It was the first time I felt someone truly connected with my soul and what I am here for. It was exactly what I had been looking for in terms of depth but nothing before seemed to bring the clarity I felt was close but just couldn’t access. This reading pretty much confirmed what I was here for which I was already dabbling back and forth in, I just hadn’t fully trusted my own guidance to fully embody it fully. It was such an empowering experience.
— Kerry Kennedy
Elisa did my human design reading and I’m so pleased to have worked with her. She gave me so much clarity on my personal and business life, and gave me real, actionable guidelines to understand how to run my business more aligned with my myself and my purpose. The human design reading gave me back my power to fully enjoy my life aligned with my soul and my purpose. It showed me how to use my intuition better and allow me to be my true self. I’m happy to start applying everything that Elisa teached me! I highly recommend her work for anyone who wants to understand themselves and their business better.
— Monica Flora Hill - Instagram Strategist
Elisa is such a nice wise woman and spiritual business coach. She gave me a Human Design and Gene keys reading. OMG she really knows so much.
It’s wonderful how she translate everything into business and marketing. No more cookie cutter business.
Now I know even better what I have to do in my work and with my business. She has pointed out to me where my fears, shadows and genius lie, so that I can get to work on them. Elisa is on fire when she gives you a reading. I highly recommend her work. And if you feel a YES, don’t doubt that YES with your head.
I was already in love with Human Design, but now also with Gene Keys and Elisa ;) Now I can run my business even more aligned with myself and purpose. Thank you so much.
— Sjoukje De Haas - Spiritual Success Coach
Elisa is incredible! Since working with her I feel more aligned and more seen.

I’m particular, Gene Keys has blown my mind and Eliza’s incredible knowledge is a gift.

Since working with her I’ve rebranded my Academy because my sacral new best and I feel more excited than ever about life
— Sarah Coxon - Feminine Prosperity Coach