Elisa Canali is a Spiritual Transformational Coach and her zone of genius is the capability of translate spiritual insights into actionable steps that create aligned results.

She has a background in HR for big multinational companies and she has started and created two successful businesses as Therapist and Counselor and fashion recruitment consultant.


She works with her clients offering them the best of both worlds: spiritual and manifestation tools and strategic support for successful and sustainable lives and businesses.


Elisa thanks her multilingual background (English, Spanish and Italian) for being able to work with clients from all over the world, offering them one on one, high-level coaching, in person retreats and mastermind experiences.


She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who is able to support her clients on their exciting journeys with ease and grace.


Currently living with her husband in Barcelona, Elisa’s mission is to bring more light and freedom into the world, changing one life at a time




(Insert a photo of Elisa doing something she enjoys, having fun with friends or husband, a non-work-related picture)


  1. I asked my husband to marry me; he took 6 months to give me the ring and say yes.

  2. I am a disaster with ironing and it takes me like one hour for a shirt

  3. I love plants; however, I am not very good at taking care of them

  4. I don’t like my accent in English and when I record a video I never listen to it.

  5. When I go shopping, I always have this amazing skill to find the most expensive thing in all the store

  6. I love makeup, styling, and fashion and I always do personal styling and make-up session with my friends.

  7. When I was a kid I dreamed to be a dancer and an actress, I play theater and ballet for many years.

  8. I learned English by myself and I have never been in an English-speaking country in my life… well, the first time in London this January.

  9. I am not good at math, but I am getting better with my own business

  10. I love Prosecco





I have always known that I wanted to live fully and change the world , but somehow I let others dictate my happiness, my choices, my life’s path because I was too afraid to listen this little voice deep inside myself.

I was afraid of letting others down, I was afraid of being different, so I was pursuing the “normal” path while the Universe keep giving me louder and louder signs that my journey and my mission was other.


After too many years in an office and two successful but unfulfilling businesses (as a Therapist and Recruitment Consultant) I made my HAPPINESS and MY SOUL PURPOSE not negotiable and I started studying all the successful Business Owners and I found a common trait - they all have coaches

So If I was going to take my life and business to the next-level, I knew I was going to need help from someone who had already created the same success in her life.

So I took all my savings and I hired my first high-level coach. I paid $10,000 in FULL, in advance. I was literally shaking and feeling sick.

I had no idea if I’d ever make that investment back, but by that point in time my success had become non-negotiable. And it’s exactly when things got wild.

I went from no business, and no coaching clients to signing consistent clients all over the world in less than two months.




Now I am living my dream – helping other people like me, intuitive, highly sensitive overachievers, find their true purpose and design their dream life with ease!


In sharing with others the grace I have received and my deep inner wisdom, I have found my life’s purpose.

Whatever it is you desire, whatever it is that you deeply crave, I’ll help you get it.

It’s my job.

It’s my soul mission.

And it’s what I want for you.




If you feel anything like I did one year ago, we should talk, my love! It´s time you start living life on your own terms, the way it feels good for you, and only you!

Working with Elisa is a very powerful step! She can help you to understand what you really want to express yourself and she can catch your passion and beliefs! She gives you heart, soul and strategies. We work together on my desires and she also give my practical strategies to improve my Facebook and Instagram Strategies.
I highly recommend Elisa as Business Coach. Thank you!
— Alessandra Zappaterra Storyteller between Milan & HK
During all the time that I have been working with Elisa as my Manager, I have discovered that she is able to show you where do you want to go and how do you want to do it. She has this magical sensibility to let you shine in the same time that you are learning by doing
— Maria Magdalena Junior HR