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Rise by Design Vip Mentoring


Limitless abundance and unparalleled freedom is everything you have ever wanted. It’s time to walk in your purpose and I’m going to show you exactly how to finally shift things back to your favor.

After the high of starting a new business wears off, you start to feel energetically stuck in your journey as an entrepreneur. You have a story to tell, and I know that inner calling inside would agree too. I also know that you have been putting it off for months or dare I say years ..

I am here to tell you to stop this vicious cycle now. You can’t afford to put this off any longer... Listen, you were put here to do something amazing, and powerful.

Yet, you feel defeated and you can slowly feel that dream dying inside of you. Maybe you feel lost, confused or just don’t know to even begin.

Most of my clients would agree that this is exactly how they felt before working with me. They felt lost, overwhelmed and even angry that they couldn’t “figure it out.”

The good news is I am here to throw you a rope and reel you in. Your business is so much more than a job, it’s your calling, your passion and now it feels like the reason you are alive.

Do you feel that despite trying your hardest, you haven't been able to embody the energy of the kind of boss you want to be.

Are you ready to energetically up level, allowing an expansion in your income + influencer unlike ever before? Now You’re ready to make shit happens and finally go all in YOUR VISION. You are ready to do whatever it takes because you’re driven and you’re ready for the NEXT LEVEL YOU -




an exclusive 1:1 program to help you tap into your Prosperity and abuNdance


 This program is for you if you:

-Struggle to find new clients every month even though you hustle hard.

-You’ve been stuck at the same income for months

-You don’t show up as authentically as you’d like because you’re afraid to truly be seen.

-Your business no longer feels in alignment with your soul purpose.

  • I created this program knowing that there are people like me who have had so much to offer the

world, but are unable to share their gifts because they are stuck thinking that the only way to be successful is through a curated way that works for others.

  • You see my dear, your sales process is unique to your own talents and gifts. My job is to guide you through that. I tried to incorporate other famous coaches funnels into my business model and failed miserably. It was not until I tapped into my own source and saw that I had a unique ability to call in all the sales I wanted. It was not about copying someone’s method but allowing myself to create what I wanted and how I wanted it to be.

Client Love!


It is a true force to help me persevere in my endeavours

What I love most about her approach is how quickly she understands your personality, your fears and the context you work in.

From the 1st session she was able to concretely guide me on issues I was facing and help me understand the best way to handle it.

There is a great connection and her coaching not only brings me actionable advice but also a considerable motivation. It is a true force to help me persevere in my endeavours. I highly recommend her as a coach.


From no Business to Signing Dream Clients

Together we developed her brand and her unique framework, that we called Love Molecules. 10x'd her Instagram following, booked more than 20 discovery calls in just 3 months (after having difficulty booking any before), AND landed her first high-ticket client and a magazine appearance!

Kat Malickay

Relationship Coach and Love Architect

bridging your human design + your soul with business

for total alignment + abundance for heart centred Eentrepreneurs

You've already found success in your business, but NOW you are READY to do it YOUR WAY! YOUR UNIQUE WAY!

You are done withe the cookie cutters Business Building and you are overwhelmed by the thousands of informations out there.

You're ready to work in ways that feel so right for you. To create the entire life, business, impact, success you know is meant for YOU and You want to do it having FUN!

This is all about embodiment and SELF TRUST!

It's time my love, YOU are in the right place to FINALLY:

  • learn and embody YOUR Human Design and GENEKEYS that are completely unique to YOU and YOUR SOUL PURPOSE

  • understand deeply your energy to RISE with ease and grace ( YES TO NAPS in the middle of the day!!)

  • get deeply in touch with WHO you are and HOW you operate,

  • develop a deeply acceptance of who you are and TAP into your POWER

  • create a business strategy UNIQUE to YOU and YOUR DESIGN ( NO COLD MESSAGES ANYMORE! #yesplease)

  • show up in your BUSINESS and LIFE in a way that feels fun, blissful, easy

  • connect with your soul purpose and walk your path with authenticity

  • have clarity in HOW you work so your biz works

What you get

4 Months of 1:1 Real Mentoring from me

2 days VIP retreat with ME all included

3 coaching calls a month+Voxer support in between calls M-F


Alexandra is a health coach who was struggling to find clarity and get clients…in our first month working together she became empowered to position herself as an expert, signed her first high ticket client, and was invited to speak at events, finally owning her confidence & visibility!

ALEXANDRA ZIMMER - Health Coach and Sleep Coach


This experience and unique program is about guidance.

It eases you into the flow of a business that allows for it to be easy. You can design the life and business of your deepest desires. No more wishing you had what it takes, because you already do.

The gifts that you have are valuable to the world and we are going to let the world know about YOU and YOUR UNIQUE GENIUS.